Alex Mello

With: Brothers Gow

Alex Plays The XK-3

A So-Cal native, Alex Mello is a national touring keyboardist and session musician who relies on a vintage sound for the modern times. A self taught multi-instrumentalist raised on funk, fusion, and rock, Alex eventually saw a dire need for keyboardists in his local circuits.Never planning on having more gear than the drummer, he couldnt help but be fascinated by vintage keyboard rigs of his Jam rock hero’s, and before he new it there were Rhodes pianos and vintage synths, and his favorite, Hammond Organ. Starting on a used M3 he learned how to control this new beast. Not even all the drawbars worked, but he understood this instrument had life and sound like no other, and would be a part of his forever sound. He especially likes experimenting with different effects on his organ to create new textures and explore new possibilities. Today Alex is using Hammonds Xk3 organ in clubs, theatres, and festivals all around the country and B3/C3s in the studio. He claims to just be getting started, bringing vintage to the future.