Bryce Conway

With: The Great Divide

Bryce plays the XK-3c / B-3 / Leslie 3300

Growing up surrounded by the resonant tones of Hammond organs from both sets of grandparents, Bryce Conway’s early musical journey was immersed in the rich tradition and significance of these iconic instruments. Commencing piano instruction at the early age of six, Bryce was exposed to a blend of Montessori and Classical methodologies, laying a solid foundation for his future musical endeavors. Yet, it was his deep immersion in the Hammond organ that ignited a lifelong journey of musical exploration.


Hailing from Texas, Bryce was deeply influenced by his father, a music educator and band director, who instilled in him a passion for music from an early age. While continuing piano instruction growing up, he honed his skills in reading and writing music, but it was the electrifying experience of performing live in his first rock band during high school that ignited his true passion for music. “Playing live music allowed me to recreate our favorite songs, but it was writing our own music that truly captivated me,” Bryce reminisces.


Venturing to Oklahoma, Bryce pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry from Southwestern Oklahoma State University, where his innate aptitude for mathematics found resonance in both his scientific and musical pursuits. Launching his own company upon graduation, he simultaneously immersed himself in the vibrant Red Dirt music scene, DJing at local venues and becoming enmeshed in the brotherhood of Red Dirt/Texas Country musicians. Being a member of two iconic Red Dirt bands No Justice and The Great Divide, Bryce’s musical journey has spanned over four decades, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of Texas Country Music.


In 2010, Bryce co-wrote the title track of No Justice’s fourth album “America’s Son,” produced by Dexter Green (Collective Soul) and released on Smith Music Group, marking a significant milestone in his career. Today, as a proud member of The Great Divide, Bryce continues to shape the trajectory of Red Dirt Music, with their latest album “Providence” garnering widespread acclaim and three #1 hit singles on multiple charts including “Song of the Year”.


Recognized for his exceptional talent, Bryce was honored with the “Keyboardist of the Year” award at the TCMA Awards (Texas Country Music Association) in 2023, a testament to his enduring contribution to the Texas Country Music scene. Reflecting on this accolade, Bryce expresses profound gratitude: “To be acknowledged among peers and industry professionals as one of the top keyboard players in Texas Country is truly an honor.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my music with others and humbled by this acknowledgment.”


Now, as a distinguished and award-winning keyboardist, Bryce is delighted to join the Hammond Family, embracing the legacy and innovation of an instrument that has played an integral role in shaping his musical journey.