Clif Metcalf

With: Dot Org
Clif Plays the A-101/Sk-2

Clifton (Clif) Metcalf is from mid­-Michigan. Accomplished on electric bass, tenor sax, piano, and tuba, Clif’s interest in jazz organ was sparked after attending a concert featuring a gospel­style B3 player. He began listening to jazz organ legends like Jimmy Smith, Jimmy McGriff, Dr. Lonnie Smith and others. In February 2014, Clif was further inspired by meeting Hammond Family Artist Jim Alfredson, of the group Organissimo. Upon learning that he was playing an inferior keyboard, Mr. Alfredson generously gave Clif the vintage Hammond M3 on which he had learned to play. Mr. Alfredson remains a valuable mentor and friend. In early 2015, Clif became a student of Jazz Organ Monster Tony Monaco, in his role as Artist­in­Residence at Hope College in Holland, Michigan. He continues to grow under Mr.Monaco’s teaching.

A purist, Clif gigs with his A101 and Leslie 3300 whenever possible, but also loves his SK­2, particularly with Jim Alfredson’s tonewheel set. You can catch Clif with his group, Dot Org Jazz Organ Combo, at festivals and brew pubs in Central, West and Northwest Michigan.

Clif counts meeting Joey DeFrancesco, opening a show for Tony Monaco, and being welcomed into the Hammond Family of Artists among the proudest moments in his young career.