Daniel Fisher

With:Pink Droyd

Daniel Plays the SKPRO and Sk2

Daniel Fisher started his music training in the late ’60s on a Hammond B-3 which was kept in the nunnery of a Chicago parish. His teacher wore the full “penguin suit” and was sometimes stern, but she could always be put into a good mood by asking her to play the Blue Danube Waltz. After studying Electronic Music at Northern Illinois University, Daniel joined the Army and eventually became the keyboardist for The US Army Rock Band and performed all over the globe. After the military, Fisher studied at Berklee College of Music and earned degrees in both “Music Production & Engineering” and “Music Synthesis” (Cum Laude). After six years as the Director of Soundware Engineering at Sweetwater Sound, Daniel became an Associate Professor of Music Synthesis back at his alma matter, Berklee College of Music. Six years later, Fisher returned to Sweetwater as the Director of Product Optimization in Fort Wayne, where he currently resides. After 44 years Daniel is once again rocking a real Hammond with his Sk2. “It’s hard to describe the feeling of coming home to a real Hammond after all these years… When everything is just right you can’t help but go crazy on it.”