Dave Eskridge

Tower Of Power

Dave Plays the SKX

Dave Eskridge purchased his first Hammond organ in 1975, and it’s been his preferred instrument ever since. Although he paid for college with a Trombone scholarship and he’s played a lot of pianos and synthesizers, it’s the sound of a Hammond and a horn section that has always been closest to his heart. The Hammond is still the sound that inspires his horn writing.

Dave led a horn band based in Salt Lake City called “Crossroads” from the 1970’s to the ’90’s. . In 1994, Dave met two members from Tower of Power, and began arranging horns for them shortly thereafter. Over the past 24 years, the Tower of Power horns have recorded or performed over 100 of Dave’s horn arrangements. His writings appear on the Tower of Power CD’s “Souled Out,” “Rhythm And Business,” “Soul Vaccination: Tower of Power Live,” “Oakland Zone,” “The Great American Soulbook,” and a new CD expected to be released in June. Dave’s arrangements for the Tower of Power horns have also appeared in recordings and live performances with WAR, Rufus, The Steve Miller Band, Journey, and many others.