Gerard Guida

Recording and Touring Artist

Gerard plays the B-3

I sincerely want to thank you for the opportunity to be a new member of the Hammond family as a B3 organ artist for the Hammond Organ Company (AKA Hammond-Suzuki, USA).


I love everything that represents Hammond organs, the sound and the legacy of the company and all the great artist present and past. I have dedicated my entire life and my career performing, recording and playing the B3 organ as well as all the other great Hammonds made. I am sincerely grateful and truly honored to be a new member of the Hammond family as a B3 artist.


I have been playing and performing on the Hammond B3 organ/Leslie speakers since1963. This also includes every other model that Hammond has every manufactured. One of my first starts in the music business was back in the 1960’s. I was 19 years old and got my first start with a recording group called, Group Therapy. Shortly later, I met Jimi Hendrix and had the awesome opportunity to starting working with him on his new recording project as a B3 organist until his untimely passing.


In addition, I was also the B3 organist and musical director for Percy Sledge, Ben E King and Buddy Miles. As time went on, I performed, recorded and toured with many show groups through-out the USA and performed my own a solo organ/multi keyboard act in such venues as Atlantic City’s International Resorts and Casino, The Poconos, Mt. Airy Lodge and Casino and many night clubs.


Regarding my solo act. I had 2-to-3-year contacts booked at one of the big hotels i.e. Resorts and/or night clubs, playing 6 nights and night week. Those contracts kept me busy and working for many years.


Currently, I feel very blessed to have had a plethora of professional opportunities to perform, record, produce with so many great artists, bands, musicians, orchestras. This also includes my own solo act I performed for many years as well. It kept me working and has giving me the opportunity to do what I love, playing great music on the Hammond B3 organ.


In closing, I am currently 76-years young and still going strong and plan to never to stop! I will continue to performed, recorded and toured as much as I can. In addition, as a new member of the Hammond family, it brings me even greater pride and respect for the Hammond Organ Co, my music and the instrument I love, the Hammond/B3 organ.