Harry Zirbes

Recording and Touring Artist

Harry Plays the SkPRO-73 and B-3

Music has been my passion as long as I can remember, in particular the Hammond organ. I’ve owned various portable keyboards over the years and always come back to Hammond. Over the years I have owned 7 Hammonds (X77gt, 2 M3’s, A-100, B2, 2 B3’s), paired with various Leslie speakers. A true highlight of my Hammond ownership is it led me to have an amazing mentor, Harvey Olsen, may he R.I.P. Through him I was able to learn just enough about maintenance / repair to be dangerous and appear to know what I’m talking about. Currently I have one Hammond, my prize 1961 Cherry / Fruitwood B3 with matching Leslie (22H) converted to 2 speed 122, with Leslie rotors moving in opposite directions.
The Hammond family has been very good to me, and is truly a family. Being an avid fan and player has found me with several bands over the years. My most recent band, also my favorite, was called “Soul Motion”. We had a fun 7-year run, but now I’m a keyboard player de jour. While I enjoy my B3/Leslie it’s just not practical to carry to a gig. My chiropractor recommended I get something more portable, so I am looking forward to my upcoming purchase of the Hammond SK-Pro73. Hammond is a company that keeps evolving which keeps us players involved and challenged while preserving the Hammond legacy. I’ve been fortunate enough to see many of the “giants”, too many to mention. But I will mention one who stands out, Dr. Lonnie Smith, had the pleasure to see him multiple times and to attend a workshop with him. Obviously, a fantastic player and a beautiful person. R.I.P. Doc. Thanks for the opportunity to be adopted into the Hammond Family.