Jayden Arnold

Recording and Touring Artist

Jayden plays the B-3

Warren-Christopher Jayden Arnold was born February 4, 2001 n Conyers, Ga. No one knew his birth was the beginning of an indescribable journey as a musical testimony of God’s love and grace, through the miracle of his God-given talent to play the organ and piano, to sing and write songs, all to the glory of God, without musical training. His mother Diana and his dad, Alec Lovejoy have supported and treasured every inch of his amazing journey.
Imagine this; at age 4, Jayden goes to church with his grandfather, Bishop Jerry Davis, to fix something that needs repair. Jayden is alone in the sanctuary for a few minutes, while his granddad is working down the hall. His granddad hears the organ playing, says to himself, “I know I locked the door” as he walks into the sanctuary and sees Jayden playing “Lift Every Voice and Sing.” He could hardly believe his eyes or ears. He asked him, “Do you know what you’re playing?” Jayden, who couldn’t even reach the organ pedals, replied, “Yes, Lift Every Voice and Sing.” That was surprising but not nearly as surprising as the fact that a 4-year-old kid, who never had music lessons was playing the organ.
The rest is history. Again, and again, we have observed what cannot be explained in limited human terms. Jayden’s skill on the organ and keyboard, still without music lessons, is beyond understanding and must be called “a miracle.” Nothing else will fit. God gave him the gift of music. God gave him the knowledge of keys, scales, notes and more that are typically acquired only in an academic setting. But on top of that his gift is extraordinary and his talent excels beyond some who are far beyond his age, experience or exposure. It’s a gift from God and we are deeply thankful.
Jayden is the primary musician at Pleasant Place Ministries, Riverdale Georgia, pastored by the same grandfather who witnessed the first manifestation of his gift. He has served since there since age 12, observing and learning from the excellent musicians who preceded him. Now, he’s 18, a young man with a bright future. Jayden has brothers, Christian and Landen, following in his musical footsteps on drums and keyboard. He will graduate from Rockdale County High school in May 2019. We pray for a safe, happy, spiritually and naturally prosperous future, for this beloved young man.