Joanne Nathan

With: The Bobby Nathan Band

Joanne plays:Sk-1/Sk1-73/Sk2/SkPRO

Joanne started playing on a double keyboard Farfisa carrying around a 145 Leslie speaker in an all-girl band called The Butterflies in 1967. She toured the eastern board of the US with this band, Gardenia and Big Marie bands playing clubs, theaters, USO tours of army bases including a stint to Greenland playing for the troops.

The Hammond organ bands of the 60s that she gravitated towards were: .

Vanilla Fudge, Rascals, Steve Winwood’s Spencer Davis Group, Deep Purple, Blood Sweat and Tears, Lee Michaels, Chicago, Booker T. & the M.G.’s.

She is currently the multi-keyboardist playing in the Bobby Nathan band down in the southern Florida circuit full-time since 2004.

Circling back, in 1973 she met Bobby Nathan and started touring the US with him as the multi keyboardist in several bands. In 1978 Joanne and Bobby founded Unique Recording Studios in Times Square,-,NYC, the center of the universe.

Unique Recording Studios was a five-room recording studio operating near Times Square in New York City from 1978 until 2004. Founders and co-owners Bobby Nathan and Joanne Georgie-Nathan installed the first Otari 24-track tape deck in New York.

The studio was known for its extensive collection of synthesizers, which attracted Steve Winwood, who jammed for many hours in the

process of creating his multi-Grammy winning album Back in the High Life (1986) at Unique.

Unique Recording Studios is credited for opening the first MIDI recording room in 1983 called “Midi City” which was later named Studio C, located upstairs from Studio A. The studio could hold 30 synthesizers, with room left over for sequencers and interfaces.

Wall jacks made wiring easier and neater. The innovative concept gained Unique a nomination for the 1985 TEC Awards in the recording studio category.