Justin Gusmano

Recording and Performance Artist

Justin plays the SkPRO

Throughout his musical journey, Justin London Gusmano has grown up influenced by the classic sounds of the Hammond B3 Organ. Since an early age, Justin has played piano and organ. As a result of a global pandemic, Justin focused in his studies and entered the studio to track many new songs for various projects including recording his own jazz fusion material & a Christmas holiday instrumental project using these tones.  Justins passion is recreating those timeless piano, synth and organ tones in the instrumental genre working with many local musicians & youth groups on Long Island.

Three-time winner of the Long Island Reflections for the Arts Program & NY Award of Merit winner for his original compositions, Justin has continued to draw inspiration from his studies and work in the recording studio. “Some of my favorite tones have come from the legendary names with Hammond and my SK Pro 73 is the quintessential instrument to help me create the songs and timeless tones I feel.” Justin also performs with his local church group on select occasions.

“The Hammond name has always meant so much to me, and it’s my passion to express it every-time I touch the keys. I look forward to the journey with this instrument for years to come”