Kiran Gupta

Recording and Touring Artist

Kiran Plays the Sk-2

Hammond Organist, keyboardist, and trumpeter, Kiran Gupta, creates a fusion of styles and sounds that blend the old with the new – taking on old-school jazz & blues, with new age soul & rock – with some of the most exciting musicians in Nashville, TN. Kiran’s musical journey has taken him through an incredibly diverse array of experiences. From studying ethnomusicology at UCLA to writing musical theater pieces in New York. From composing the score for the film “Love Arcadia” (which can be seen on Amazon Prime) to composing the score to Heather Henson’s (Jim Henson’s daughter) puppet show “Flight”.

Since moving to Nashville in 2016, Kiran began playing the Hammond organ, which has led to opportunities playing in clubs and festivals all over the world.  He credits organists Charles Treadway, Ty Bailie, and the late Moe Denham as key mentors in his development on the Hammond organ.  Kiran has become an in-demand organist in Nashville for both recording sessions and live performances, and has performed with a wide variety of artists across many genres, including soul singer Jeff Woods, Blues Hall of Famer Shaun Murphy, and rocker Paul McDonald (American Idol). 

In August of 2021, Kiran started performing with the soul/gospel/country duo The War and Treaty, and since joining the group has performed on the Grand Ole Opry numerous times, opened for John Legend, Lauren Daigle, Van Morrison, Willie Nelson, and Dave Matthews Band.  He has toured extensively with The War and Treaty, including shows in Jamaica, Mexico, Australia, and all over the United States and Canada.

 When not on the road, Kiran enjoys performing with rock band The Untamed, which he is a cofounder, and his own jazz organ trio, Kiran Gupta Cage Free.  Kiran Gupta Cage Free consists of Kiran on organ, Jake Patterson on guitar, and Daniel Cox on drums, and they have gained a reputation of bringing highly inventive, yet very accessible, jazz music to venues all over Nashville. They plan on recording and releasing new music later this year.