Marine Lacoste

Uncle Kracker/Highway Hunters/Corey Hart

Marine Plays: Vintage A-102/Xk-5 System

Hammond Organ has completely changed my professionnal career. From my very first notes on my A102, I knew that I had finally found the instrument I was meant to play. My A102 Organ and my 147 Leslie are the extension of my soul and they speak for me. There’s nothing quite like the sound and vibe of a Hammond Organ.

Founder of Online Rock Lessons Academy, Marine Lacoste is the keyboardist for Corey Hart, Uncle Kracker and Highway Hunters. With over 20 years of experience in the show business, Marine is launching the first Canadian Music School dedicated for rock, pop and blues keyboards lover.

Drawing in from her passion for rock and blues, Marine brings with her a unique musical touch, a mesmerizing and contagious presence, and the highest level of professionalism. From soaring melodies and pleasant ballads to powerful rocking riffs, she takes every performance to the next level.
Whether it’s behind a Hammond Organ, a grand piano, a Rhodes, a synthesizer, or even a keytar, she stops at nothing to bring every song to life and light the audience ablaze.
In addition to being an active member of the Uncle Kracker team, she has also shared the stage with several artists such as Kid Rock, Sugar Ray, Eve 6, Pitbull, Bret Micheals, Better then Ezra, Mark Stein(Vanilla Fudge), Smash Mouth, and Big Wreck just to name a few. Also, she recently launch her first full album with her rock trio Highway Hunters.
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