Nick Santangelo

Recording And Touring Artist

Nick Plays The Sk-2

From the age of 8, Nick learned how to play on his father’s Hammond M3. There was no piano in the house. Over time, word spread that the kid knew how to play. The monsignor at his family’s church asked if he could fill in on Sunday for the organist, who couldn’t make it. When they gave him the keys to the choir loft so that he could rehearse before Sunday service, he couldn’t resist playing a few licks from ‘Time Is Tight’, and ‘Green Onions’. Since then, Nick has played with many, many Southern California bands and musicians. Most notably with The Mistaken (an original project), Blues Channel (a jump swing project), and The Road Tramps (high-energy R&B). Some of the venues played include: The Coach House, B.B. King’s Hollywood, The Sawdust Festival. and countless others. He hits many local jams regularly, with his Leslie 3300 and Hammond SK2 in tow. Nothing like the sound of a Hammond to spice up any gig. Back in the day, he lugged an XB-2, XK-3, Leslie 147 around town.

In addition to session and side work, Nick Santangelo also records and edits sound at his own L.A. area studio, ’Santangeles Sound’. He is a member of Musician’s Local 47, Hollywood, California.