Omar Ramirez

Omar plays the Sk-1

Omar Ramirez is one of the leading organists in Mexico and Latin America. He began his career as part of legendary Blues groups of Guadalajara. He has performed around Mexico and has toured in Colombia, Venezuela, Uruguay and Argentina. He played for seven years in Buenos Aires, working as a session musician and teacher, where he had the opportunity to work with many well- known artists like Kevin Johansen and Don Vilanova. He has recorded several albums as a keyboardist, songwriter and producer. He is the frontman of Kingsmith, his Jazz-Blues Group named in honor of his biggest influences: BB King and Jimmy Smith; and characterized for a powerfull sound of the Hammond Organ. Ramírez, has alterned with two of the world’s greatest organists like John Medeski (2010) and Joey Defrancesco (2013). He is currently a Jazz Piano teacher at the Universidad Libre de Musica, in Guadalajara, México.