PJ Morgan

Recording and Touring Artist

PJ plays the Sk-2/B-3

Best known as the Organist’s organist, Master Instructor Paul Laurence Morgan, affectionately known as “PJ Morgan” was born in the Washington D.C. area in 1970.  He grew up in a musical family, getting his exposure to the Hammond organ in a small Pentecostal church where his family served. After years of playing and performing in church, his big break into the music industry came when he was asked to fill in for a keyboardist who was unable to play for a Ben Tankard concert. He accepted and excelled in the opportunity given.  Impressed with PJ’s creativity and productivity both on and off the instrument, Tankard moved PJ to Nashville to be his Music Director, and to assist in building his record company. Ever since then, PJ has been on a blazing trail, playing for just about everyone in the Gospel and secular genres, earning well deserved accolades as a performer, producer, and teacher.

PJ is the band director at Reid Temple AME, one of the largest mega churches in the United States with 20,000+ members and 2 locations in the Washington Metropolitan area. He is the most recent addition to the Ray Chew Orchestra.

PJ will be graduating from Bowie State University in the Fall of 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Technology, and a minor in Classical Piano performance. Look out for a few solo organ CDs from this trailblazer in the near future.

PJ’s CD Credits

Doobie Powell Live DVD “The Experience” 2010 Keyboardist

Aneisa Simon “Have the Faith to Wait” 2008 Producer

Stephen Hurd “My Destiny” 2007 Writer

Bishop Paul Morton “Still Standing” 2007 Organist

Tramaine Hawkins 2007 “I Never Lost My Praise” Keyboardist

Ami Rushes “Lifting” 2007 Keyboardist

Michael White and True Praise “Conqueror” 2007 Producer

Vicki Yohe 2005 Organist

Maurette Brown Clark “The Dream” 2007 Organist, Arranger

Shirley Caesar 2005 “Lies” Organist

Stephen Hurd “A Call to Worship” 2004, Keyboardist, Arranger

Brian Spriggs “I Worship You” 2005, Producer

John Tillery “Transformation” 2005, Keyboardist

Scott Guyun “Conquer” 2003, Keyboardist

Harvest Life Changers Church “In Your presence” 2004, Keyboardist, Arranger

Desmond Pringle “Loyalty” (Tommy Boy) 2000 Programming

Dorothy Norwood “Old Rickety Bridge” (Malaco) 2000 Strings & Horns

Mike McCoy “Ready” (Independent) 2000 Producer

Maurette Brown Clark “How I Feel” (Verity) 1998 Co-producer & Writer of “Speak”

Salt of the Earth “Happy Hour” (CGI) 1998 Horns, Arranger

Ben Tankard & the Tribe of Benjamin “Git Yo Praize On” (Verity) 1997 Producer

Various Artists “Real Meaning of Christmas” (Verity) 1997 Keyboards, production & arranger

Stephen Hurd & Corporate Worship “Vol. I & Vol. II” 1997/2001 Keyboards/Producer


PJ’s Tours

Najee “Morning Tenderness” Tour (1999-2001) Keyboardist & Arranger

Bobby Jones “Just Churchin” Tour (1997-1999) Keyboardist & Organist

Ben Tankard & the Tribe of Benjamin “Git Yo Praize On” Tour (1997-1999) Music Director

Karen Clark Sheard “Just Karen” Tour (1998) Keyboardist

Ban Tankard “Instrumentally Yours” Tour (1995-1997) Music Director

William Becton “Be Encouraged” Tour (1994-1995) Keyboardist