Robin Swenson

Recording and Touring Artist

Robin plays the SkPRO

Robin Swenson is a keyboardist, singer, songwriter, and music producer, living in the Safety Harbor, FL area after having spent 35 years in Los Angeles. He is proud to have been an actual ‘Season’, performing with Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons, but has also toured, performed and/or recorded with Air Supply, Helen Reddy,  Rita Coolidge, Aretha Franklin, and Chuck Negron of Three Dog Night fame. You can see Robin featured as ‘Curtis Dorough’ in the Season 8 “Pam’s Replacement” episode of the hit TV comedy, ‘The Office’. Robin performs regularly with two of Sarasota’s premier bands, Kettle of Fish( and The Billy Rice Band(

Robin on his SkPRO:

Attached is a pic of my current rig. This was snapped at Stottlemyer’s Smokehouse, a steady Sunday I play in Sarasota with Kettle of Fish.

I must say, I am loving the SK Pro…it has changed my musical life! Naturally, the organ sounds are superb, but I’m also digging the synth stuff, too, and people are definitely taking notice. I’ve had folks(non musicians) come up numerous times telling me how much they dig the organ, and(you’ll love this) a keyboard player buddy in another band down here told me he ordered an SK Pro for himself, he was so impressed with mine. Brilliant!