Tullie Brae

The Medicine Man Revue

Tullie Plays Sk-1/Xk-3c

The soulful blues singer and multi-instrumentalist credits her musical gift to Gospel music like so many great soul singers before her. Tullie’s musical journey began singing in church where her Daddy was a preacher near the cotton fields and wetlands of the Blues. The type of church where you could hear soul-shaking music before you even walked in the door! Early on, she assumed the role of choir director and which led to touring professionally with Gospel groups

While touring and performing, Tullie was introduced to the many sounds and forms of different genres of music. Her Gospel roots naturally segued into the Blues where you can still hear and feel the hints of Soul along with her grit of Rock. Tullie is most comfortable on stage performing in her own unique style, sharing her heart & soul to each audience through her love of music.

Tullie’s self-penned original material ranges from Delta Blues to Rock infused Contemporary Blues music that tells the stories of love, happiness, heartbreak, pain and life experiences. She has powerful vocals impeccable stage presence and engages with her audience from the time the first note is hit until the last.

Her shows are pure energy, and at the same time, raw emotion. Tullie’s love of people inspires and energizes her and in return the audiences are truly touched by the magic that takes place during her time on stage. While on tour she has headlined several Blues Festivals as well as shared the stage with B.B King, Taj Mahal, Paul Thorn, Bonnie Raitt, Jimmy Thackery, Tab Benoit, Shaun Murphy, Coco Montoya, Ruthie Foster, Jimbo Mathus, Carolyn Wonderland, Cedric Burnside, Samantha Fish, Leo Bud Welch, Jimmy “Duck” Holmes, Henry “Gip” Gipson, Big George Brock, Chicago Rhythm & Blues Kings among many other talented artists.


Blues-E-News Magazine voted Tullie “Top 25 Women in MUSIC”

NPR Radio Host, Tom Wilmer– “The multi-talented Ms. Brae embodies the best of the generation of young Blues artists. You’ll hear tinges of Ruthie Foster, Howlin’ Wolf & Janis Joplin – all deftly melded with cutting edge, risk-taking, powerful sounds – uniquely her own. I first heard Tullie at King Biscuit Festival in Helena, AR and now I can hardly wait for a reprise encounter with the divine Ms. Brae’s music”.

The Rockin’ Magpie–“This Tullie Brae comes from Louisiana: and it appears the blues don’t just run through her blood but are fixed tightly, deep in her DNA

Midwest Record–“Moving from the cotton fields and into domestic violence and other #itstime subjects, there are no cliches within earshot. Honing her chops in Louisiana churches, it sounds like they really do have hell hounds on their tails down there.” 

Making A Scene, Jim Hynes
“Steeped in church & gospel music in her home state of Louisiana, combined with her multi-instrumental skills. Brae is not faking a thing; she knows the Blues… …Brae is revealing her stance as an independent. confident woman immediately and it sets the stage for what follows. She is a dynamic force.”